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Introduction of Group

Wuxi Lingshan Cultural Tourism Co.,Ltd.

Located in Taihu Lake National Tourism District, Wuxi Lingshan Cultural Tourism Co.,Ltd is a multiple enterprise group with cultural tourism being its primary business, and also diversifies widely into areas such as real estate and investment.

The operating strategy of the company is to carry forward the fine traditional culture, to set up the best tourist brand of the time and to build the world-famous destination for tourism vacation. Through innovation on product, brand and planning, Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot has been world-famous for Buddhist tourists. Nearly 40 million people from home and abroad have visited Lingshan since its opening in 1997.

With Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot being confered “5A state-level”, its trademark being appraised to be “Chinese famous trademark” and Lingshan Fan Gong ,or the Buddhist Palace, being awarded “Luban prize”, the company has also been honored “Chinese famous brand for tourism”, “national "May 1" labor medals” and “Innovative & Advanced Enterprise of Jiangsu Province” etc.

The overall objective of Lingshan Company is to build a first-class scenic spot and holiest site for Buddhism and to develop the company to be an enterprise group. After the success of Lingshan scenic spot, the company makes full use of the brand “the grand Buddha” to extend its business into other industries with the idea of “limited Lingshan; limitless industry”. Now the company has several affiliated businesses--- Wuxi Lingshan Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd; Wuxi Linghan Site Management Co., Ltd; Wuxi Lingshan Site Operation Co., Ltd; Wuxi Lingshan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd; Wuxi Lingshan Culture & Media Co.,Ltd; Wuxi Lingshan Joss Sticks & Candles Co., Ltd; Wuxi Lingshan Yuanyi Investment & Development Co., Ltd; Peninsula Hot Spring Estate Investment Company; etc, which form an industry chain consisting of tourism, culture, press, estate, investment, hotel, food, handicraft and catering.
Tel of head office: 0510-85686894
Tel of Lingshan Scenic Spot: 0510-85681595 
Address: 18 Guzhu Road, Mashan, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
Postal Code: 214091