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Definition of The Logo 

Lingshan Buddhist scenic spot’s logo is composed of a design of a lotus flower in Buddha’s hand with a round back to the light and four characters of Lingshan Buddhist scenic spot both in Chinese and English below.

A lotus flower in Buddha’s hand derives from a case of Buddha’s showing the public a lotus flower in Lingshan’s grand ceremony, which symbolizes the greatest wisdom of Buddhist yearning for self-realization and directly targeting human being’s mind, hoping to convey Lingshan’s devoting to the mission of spreading knowledge, enlightening wisdom, purifying souls, becoming conscious of life and harmonizing society by the lotus flower in Buddha’s hand, which conveys the subtle and profound implication.

In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes purity, holy and luck. The lotus flower on Lingshan Buddhist scenic spot’s logo not only is the symbol of the holy in Buddhism, but also conveys Lingshan’s best wishes to the general’s soul purity, holy and luck.

The round means the perfect-fusing and the perfection. The integration of the round with a lotus flower in Buddha’s hand embodies Lingshan’s culture characteristics which views the perfect-fusing and the perfection as its ideal, and various good affinities in Lingshan’s cause such as serving the tourists, perfecting society etc. The traditional culture and the modern art have been integrated into Lingshan wonderland, which makes Lingshan become a blessing resort for the general’s harvesting happiness and perfection.

Yellow is the symbolic color of China’s Buddhism culture. Lingshan Buddhist scenic spot’s logo serves yellow as its standard color, as well as ochre as its auxiliary color. Yellow, with vigor in life and great wisdom, is similar to gold implying solemnness, bright, kindness and gentleness while the auxiliary color tends to be dignified and imposing. The perfect unification of the colors reflects the profound cultural foundation and the broad-minded thought.