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A Survey of Lingshan Wonderland

The Buddhist Palace is located in eastern side of Lingshan scenic spot, which incorporates functions of forum site, art palace, spiritual sanctuary and tour wonder in one, holy and magnificent.

The appearance of Buddhist Palace employs the Kazo tower style mainly and combines some architectural elements of China Buddhist grotto art and traditional Buddhist, it looks extremely stunning and follows Buddhist rules close. Inner of palace has been divided by art corridor, meeting area and meal area are bilateral symmetrical in layout. This palace can holds various standards and scales international meetings and thematic exhibitions synchronously, and it often undertakes many art exhibitions, displays, assemblies and exchange activities purposed of open unique artistic charm of different Buddhist sects and Buddhist culture all year round.

Buddhist Palace concentrates the functions of museum, exhibition hall, performing house, concert hall and art corridor in itself, absorbs worldly Buddhist Palace wonders, and collects colorful Buddhist culture created by each sect and country in one palace, so it be called “China contemporary Buddhist art museum”. 

“Speciality” of Buddhist Palace, “great” of Lingshan grand Buddha and “wonder” of Nine Dragons bathing the baby buddha formed three wonders of Lingshan scenic spot jointly, bring a strong stake in architecture, art and spirit to tourists and be considered a spiritual sanctuary for purify people.