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Catering service
  • Lingshan Vegetable Food Restaurant
  • Lingshan Buddhist Palace food service
  • Snack Street in Holiday Plaza

Located in the side of Qinglong road of Lingshan scenic spot, Lingshan Vegetable Food Restaurant covers an area of 2,200 square metres and business area of more than 600 square meters, capable of accommodating over 700 people. It owns 12 small rooms with elegant environment. It’s truly an ideal place for faithful, visitors, family guests and literates to dinner and gather.

Lingshan vegetable food restaurant has a variety of functions such as dining, relaxation and Buddhism gathering. Lingshan vegetable food restaurant promotes vegetarian food culture. As Lingshan vegetarian banquet is so famous that it has been praised by many senior monks and won Golden Award in variety of vegetarian catering competitions.

Consumption standards: over RMB 20 per person

Hotline: 0510—85680388

Lied in the east side of Buddhist Palace, Lingshan Buddhist Palace food service area has 1500 square meters of super-large banqueting halls and exquisite dining balconies. Through a high standard of banquet meals, buffets and other forms, Buddhist Palace restaurant provides a full range of services for customers, creating unique experience in culture and food. 

In the dining balcony area of the first and second storey, all the facilities are adopted with five-star standard. There are 18 balconied rooms which can accommodate 260 people at the same time. The banquet hall in Buddhist Palace, for thousands on the third storey, is a great place for conference, wedding, birthday and team banquet. The total area of the hall is more than 1500 square meters and 8 meters-tall without column barrier, which can accommodate more than 1000 people.

Providing with vegetarian buffets, balcony dining and banquet catering services, Lingshan Buddhist Palace enables more people to enjoy a serene joy and understanding of simple beauty.

Consumption standards:
Buffet:45 yuan per person
Banquet dinner:

Chinese food 300 yuan per person minimum (1 ticket for Lingshan Buddha scenic for free)

200 yuan per person minimum for dinner (admission ticket after 17:30 for free)

Hotline: 0510-85683777

Located in the exit of Lingshan scenic spot, Snack Street in Holiday Plaza covers more than 6,000 square meters. It is a traditional snack street integrating Lingshan characteristic food, Wuxi traditional food and Taiwan flavor food. Aimed at disseminating Lingshan culture, carrying forward the process of Chinese intangible cultural heritage and tasting traditional Chinese cuisine, Lingshan holiday Plaza includes four parts, that is Ruyitian, Xifuhai, Suzehui, Jixiangdi, providing new tourist shopping experience for all the guests.