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Transportation Guide

Wuxi Bus Line

From the Wuxi railway station, taking air condition bus 88 with fare 2RMB, you can directly reach the terminal--"Lingshan scenic spot". Along the beautiful scenery, it takes about one hour.  You can also take bus 89 from the Plum Garden to the terminal Lingshan scenic spot.
Drive line

FromShanghai: G42 Hu-Rong Express → Wuxi North export→S48 Hu-Yi Express → Luqu→Mashan →Lingshan scenic spot (full time is about 1.5 hours)

FromNanjing: G42 Hu-Rong Express →Wuxi North export→S48 Hu Yi Express→Luqu→ Mashan →Lingshan scenic spot (full time is about 2 hours)

FromHangzhou: Shangtang highway→ G25 (Hang Ning Express) →S48 XiYi express→Luqu→ Mashan →Lingshan scenic spot (full time is about 1.5 hours)

FromChangzhou direction: Wujin cao birdge → Xueyan Bridge → Lingshan (about 40 minutes)
Warm reminder:

To S48 Hu Yi Express: “direct to S48 Hu-yi Express after Luma Road”
To G42 Hu-Rong Express: To Wuxi district direction through 18 Bay, to the Plum Garden and turn right, to Taihu Road by signs, to G42 Express.