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special goods

Lingshan Specialty Small Shopping Points

At the entrance to Lingshan scenic spot, west of Wuyintancheng or  Five Seal Mandala , the square of Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha, Buddha’s Hand Square, Ginkgo Square, the platform of Buddha 60 meters, we set up all kinds of small shops to facilitate visitors to purchase goods and souvenirs such as guide books, Lingshan three stick of incense, Lingshan vegetarian cakes and  drinking water.

Lingshan specialty supermarkets:
(1)Lingshan Holiday Plaza (Phone: 0510-85688115)

Located in the exit of Lingshan scenic spot, Lingshan Holiday Plaza covers more than 6,000 square meters. It divides into four areas, theme craft area, optional supermarket area, local special area and snack area. Taking the responsibility of carrying forward the non-material cultural heritage of the Chinese technology, Lingshan Holiday Plaza reproduces the art of Chinese traditional culture that is broad and profound. We sincerely hope that, we create tourism places of rest, relaxation and leisure for you with dedicated service.
(2)Buddhism gift supermarket of Lingshan Buddhist Palace (Phone: 0510-85687976)

Located in the exit of Buddhist Palace, Buddhism gift supermarket brings together thousand kinds of Lingshan special arts and crafts, books, audio-video products and daily necessities. Inside Lingshan Buddhist Palace, the profound architectural art and Buddhist art combines with technology materials such as glass, wood, amber and lacquer ware. It displays Buddhist culture, passing traditional art to every visitor at the same time. With artistic effort, it infects each pure heart and brings Lingshan's blessings to millions of homes.

(3)Lingshan Accordingly Rejoicing Hall (Phone: 0510-85687372)

Located at Lotus Flower of Lingshan Buddha foot, Accordingly Rejoicing Hall is a space for you to relax, gain the Buddhism and pray. Inside the Accordingly Rejoicing Hall, you can participate in "to gild Buddha and sound the Bell" and other activities. Hundreds of kinds of prayer beads in the Bead Room of Accordingly Rejoicing Hall add Buddhism blessing for your journey. Featured Lingshan medallion featured Lingshan emerald, various types of Buddhism audio books and stone carved crafts allow you to realize the profound Buddhist culture and get blessing from Lingshan Grand Buddha. 

(Scenic shop phone: 0510-85682803)