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Performance Introduction
  • Eulogy of Lingshan lucky
  • Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha Blooming Auspicious

As a contribution program, large music festival ‘Eulogy of Lingshan lucky’ is planned for the second World Buddhist Forum, which has been selected one of the first tour performance classes directory of national key projects of cultural tourism. Known as "highly visual and auditory and Buddhist culture ", this music epic drama is produced by top project teams full of  many well-known directors, musicians, choreography design expert and Buddhist culture experts, lasting 3 years. Based on the classic story of Buddhism, the performance uses advanced large-scale projection and digital lighting control system, with perfect sound, light, electricity interpreting the process of Buddha becoming wise and enlightened.

The performance place of  ‘Eulogy of Lingshan lucky’--Lingshan Buddhist Palace altars (Miaoyin Hall), is a super-large theatre of meetings and performances in one all. Designed as circular, this super-large rotating stage theater has a huge dome over more than 30 meters above the theatre, enabling more than 1500 visitors.

Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha

The Buddhist book ‘Buddhacaritakāvyasūtra’ records, Buddha was born to talk and walk. He walked seven steps to four directions, and each step grounded out of a lotus. A finger to heaven and a finger to earth, he said: "the sky world, only my exclusive”. Suddenly, the garden appeared two pools and nine dragons in the sky, spitting out water for him to take a bath.

This story is amazing, appealing to the imagination. More rare is, large dynamic group sculpture  ‘Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha’, The Buddha’s rising up when a lotus flower’s blooming’ in the story reproduces the gorgeous sight in the story. In the square of ‘Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha’, we can see a huge lotus flower bud bronze standing in front. Great Lotus is hold up by four mighty Hercules, against the white circle at the bottom of marble pool, and nine dragons with eight different providers around the huge water tank.

When the music ‘Birth of Buddha’ played, great six-Lotus petals slowly bloom. A statue of up to 7.2 m General gilded Buddha-au-Prince, a finger to heaven and a finger to earth, rises from a Lotus Flower. At this point,the nine dragons spit out dozens of meters high water column together, for Prince’s bathing. In an instant, with drumming and fountain around plaza, Prince Statue in huge water screen clockwise around once, symbolizing The Buddha’s rising up when a lotus flower’s blooming’,'Buddha shines'.  As the music fades, Lotus petal wrapped Prince Buddha slowly close.
At this point,purified water will flow out of the eight Phoenix' mouths around the fountain for you. According to the Buddhist saying, this is the “water of eight virtues ", that is Buddhism "holy water". You must drink a glass of “water of eight virtues ", or you can take it home with a bottle. It is said that drinking “water of eight virtues " or taking it to worship Buddha,it can protect you and your family, bringing you lucky.