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Zen Bhavana meetings
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The Connotation of Zen Bhavana

Zen Bhavana is a kind of communication between body and soul. By the practice of Zen Bhavana, we can calm down to make the body and soul be syncretic. With the relaxation of our exhausted body, we can feel a kind of sedate joyance during the Bhavana. Zen Bhavana is to cultivate our soul according to Zen doctrine, which makes us not only deeply understand but also freely control our body and soul, then our heart will be full of confidence and wisdom.

Activity in the morning
(7:00-8:00 Saturdays & Sundays)
Pray respect for Buddha
To pray respect for Buddha is to worship Buddha in a special kind of body language, it is one of the basic ways in Bhavana, and it is propitious to vanquish self- haughtiness, to cultivate the our soul when we see men of worth and thinking of equaling them.

Activity at noon
(11:30-12:00 every day, needing booking)
Guotang means dining in Buddhism; it is a special ritual in Chinese Buddhism. There are two times of Guotang in temple every day, one is for the breakfast, another is for the lunch. Dining is taken as an important way of Bhavana, and it is syncretism of Buddhism and traditional etiquette. During the process of Guotang, we are cultivated the habit of thinking, the ability of attention, the sentiment of cherishing puniness and giving; the ritual can help to keep balance diet and low-carbon life, it also provides our body a period of silence and healthy time.

Activity in the evening
(19:30-8:30 every evening, alternative)
 Sitting Zen Bhavana 
Zen comes from Sanskrit, Zen Bhavana means Thinking Bhavana or Meditation in silence, it is the main way in Buddhism Bhavana. The nucleus of Zen is in the ‘heart’ not limited in the form. Sitting Zen can conciliate the body and soul; keep us from illness and vexation; get pure happiness and wisdom.

Activity in the evening
(19:30-8:30 every evening, alternative)
Transcribing sutra in calming
It is to transcribe Buddhism sutra. Buddhism sutra is the appearance of Buddha’s wisdom, it has been promulgated for more thousands years, each word is like a gem. We should transcribe the sutra devoutly. During the process of transcribing, the wisdom will be cultivated and the soul will be more pure, each sentence of sutra will bring us a new kind of thinking about life.

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