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A survey of Lingshan Wonderland

Lingshan Wonderland, located in a cultural city called Wuxi between Shanghai and Nanjing, is a grand-scale and distinctive Buddhism culture theme park. As a China’s famous tourism brand, Lingshan Wonderland has become the landmark scenic spot of Wuxi’s tourism, the highlight of East China’s travelling route and a well-known tourist resort of Buddhism culture, attracting nearly 2,000,000 tourists worldwide every year.

Lingshan wonderland dates back to 1994, consisting of various tourist attractions of  Buddhism culture, such as the world’s highest bronze statue of Sakyamuni “Lingshan Grand Buddha”, an ancient temple “Xiangfu Temple”, a grant dynamic music sculpture “Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha”, Lingshan Buddhist Palace etc.

88-meter-high Lingshan Grand Buddha, 42 meters higher than the Statue of Liberty across the sea, is the landmark landscape of Lingshan Wonderland and the world’s highest bronze statue of Sakyamuni in the open at present. The magnificent and solemn Lingshan Grand Buddha, with a beautiful landscape, is located in Wuxi by the side of Taihu Lake and shows the verve of the oriental Buddhism culture. The spectacular Lingshan Buddhist Palace, with a total construction area of over 70,000 ㎡, distinctly integrates the traditional culture with a bright characteristic of the times and is the site of World Buddhism Forum, a palace of art and a tourist wonder. Complementary to Lingshan Buddhist Palace, the solemn and transcendental Wuyintancheng or Five Seal Mandala, with water around, is the reconstruction and refinement of the Tibetan Buddhism culture, which shows the harmony and integration of the Han and Tibetan Buddhism culture.

On the foot of the grand Buddha, the Buddhism wonderful scenery and cultural sights can be found everywhere, such as Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha, Gate of Five Wisdoms, King Asoka’s Pillar, an ancient temple “Xiangfu Temple”, which are the tourist attractions of  Buddhism culture. Among them, the world-class and nation’s unique grant dynamic music sculpture “Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha” is a cultural sight with a powerful heart-quake force. It vividly reconstructs the holy and grand scene of “The Buddha’s rising up when a lotus flower’s blooming”, which happened at the birth of Sakyamuni in Buddhist scriptures. All the viewers are fascinated by this excellent originality and shocking scene and do not want to go home. The grand music performance ‘Eulogy of Lingshan lucky’ plays Sakyamuni’s thoughts and feelings of how to become a wise and enlightened man through various forms, such as the perfect sound, lighting, photo electricity etc., which makes a deep and immortal impression on the viewers.

Lingshan Wonderland, a characteristic cultural park, integrating the ancient Oriental culture with the modern civilization, as well as the extensive and profound Buddhism culture with sights, brings the tourists not only the scenic shock and the edification of the culture, but also the purification to souls and an understanding about the richly historied oriental culture ...