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Time of Ticketing: 7:00am-5:30pm

Price Lists of Lingshan Wonderland’s Tickets

Ticket type Fare of Lingshan Wonderland Fare of the Five Seal Mandala Preferential price
(Lingshan Wonderland+ the Five Seal Mandala)
Terms of preference
Normal fare ticket RMB210 RMB0 RMB210  
Elderly concessionary ticket RME160 RMB0 RMB160 People from 60 to 70 years old with identification documents
Half-price ticket RMB105 RMB0 RMB105 Minors-form 6(not including) to 18(including) years old, full-time students with identity cards or student ID, teachers with 30 years’ teaching experience in Wuxi
Concessionary ticket for the advanced age RMB90 RMB0 RMB90 People(outside of Jiangsu) above 70 years old with effective certificates
Admission free The following people can be admitted free--children no more than 6 (including) years old and below 1.2 meter high, the disabled by deformity cards, servicemen by military credentials, retired cadres by emeritus cards and people in Jiangsu Province above 70 years old by effective certificates.
Performance‘Eulogy of Lingshan lucky’ticket RMB50
*Note: The ticket of the performance called‘Eulogy of Lingshan lucky’ will be free of charge, attached to the ticket of Lingshan Wonderland except in special circumstances.

Price Complaint line in Wuxi: 0510—12358

Consulting and Complaint line in Lingshan Wonderland: 0510—85680931    4001680303


1.Tickets are valid for the day of issue only. Once tickets leave the booking office, they may not be returned.

2. There is the price, the special invoice stamp and the manufacture supervision seal of tax on the ticket. Please cut along the dotted line as a reimbursement voucher.

3.The ticket of Lingshan wonderland is a post card with a stamp. After the entrance, tourists can tear off the sub-ticket and post it directly to bless your family, your friends and yourself from Lingshan.


Tourist center: 0510—85688631
Tourist guide service: 0510—85686270
Medical assistance: 0510—85682187
Catering/Lingshan Buddhist Palace Catering: 0510—85683777
Lingshan Vegetable Restaurant: 0510—85680388

* Friendship reminder

•Time of ticketing: 7:00am—5:30pm

•Lianshan Buddhist Palace’s on view from 9:00am to 5:30pm.

•Lingshan Wonderland’s grant dynamic music sculpture “Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha” opens at 5 times a day at 10:00am, 11:30am, 13:00pm, 2:45pm and 4:45pm.

•Parking: The parking space is located outside the gate. Parking fees are RMB15/car and RMB20/cart without time limitation.

•Performance‘Eulogy of Lingshan lucky’Schedule
 From Monday to Friday: 10:35am, 11:30am, 1:00pm, 2:00pm and 4:00pm
 On Saturday and Sunday: Performances are added on the basis of the ones on weekdays and please refer to Lingshan’s announcement of the day for the particular time of the extra performances.

Note: If there is any change in the above time, we will update it in the eye-catching place of Lingshan Wonderland and its website in time.

The Standard of Lingshan’s Tuorist Guide Service

Type of the tourist guide service Number of interpretees Time of interpretation Charge Note
Interpreter(English, Japanese, Korean) 12 2 hours RMB300 Reservation in advance
RMB40/person when exceeding
12 persons
Extra RMB100 when exceeding
30 minutes
Senior interpreter(English, Japanese, Korean) 12 2 hours RMB500 Reservation in advance
RMB40/person when exceeding
12 persons
Extra RMB100 when exceeding
30 minutes
Automatic interpreter device (English, Japanese, Korean) Please hire the automatic interpreter device of Lingshan Wonderland, excluding Lingshan Buddhist Palace in the Tourist Service Center, which charges RMB30 for each person.
Please hire the automatic interpreter device of Lingshan Buddhist Palace at its entrance, which charges RMB20 for each person.

Lingshan Wonderland occupies 1,200 mu. It takes you about 4 hours to enjoy the whole journey. If your schedule is tight, but you don’t want to miss Lingshan’s surpassing performance, you may choose to take the electric car here. We promise you that you can get on and off the car halfway as you like endlessly and can freely come and go halfway, which will thoughtfully serve you at all times to go sightseeing here.

The electric cars for sightseeing in Lingshan Buddhist scenic spot serve you by two main methods as follows:
(1)Bus-like Service
1. Time of Operation:  9:00am-5:00pm.

2. The through fare is RMB25 per person (Children under 1.2 meters are free of charge). One ticket is valid for one person only on the day of issue and is invalid overdue.

3. Electric cars for sightseeing uninterruptedly operate in the route of Line 1 and Line 2 by the means of bidirectional circulation in the scenic area.

4. Route (Get on and off the car halfway as you like endlessly):
Line 1:China’s Number One Screen Wall (Starting Point)→Altar of Buddha’s Footprints→Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha→Buddha’s Hand Square→Alter of Ginkgo Square(Transfer uphill by ticket only)→Vegetable Restaurant→Lingshan Buddhist Palace Square→Flying Dragon Tower→Five Seal Mandala→Exit

Line 2:China’s Number One Screen Wall (Starting Point)→Altar of Buddha’s Footprints→Five Seal Mandala→Flying Dragon Tower→Lingshan Buddhist Palace Square→Buddha’s Hand Square→Alter of Ginkgo Square(Transfer uphill by ticket only)→Nine Dragons Bathing the Baby Buddha(West)→Altar of Buddha’s Footprints(Exit)

(2)VIP Charter Service
 The pattern of VIP charter is a special car service provided according to the tourists’ requirement. The cost of VIP charter is 400 yuan per car, which holds 12 persons only for only 1.5 hours. Extra 100 yuan should be paid when exceeding half an hour and the rest can be done in the same manner. Generally, VIP charter is required to be booked in advance.

Booking Line: 13771153871

Service Hot Line: 13400031103