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The General Development Situation of Lingshan’s Industry

Wuxi Lingshan Cultural Tourism Co.,Ltd is a large-scale comprehensive developer dedicated to cultural and creative tourism complex of planning, designing, construction, operation management and related commercial support.

Adhering to "limited Lingshan, unlimited industry”, Wuxi Lingshan Cultural Tourism Co.,Ltd has developed an invested and industrial pattern chain covering tourism, culture, publishing, real estate, investment, hotels, food, crafts, food and beverage industries, centered on cultural and creative tourism.  In the future, the company will focus on the “Chinese most valuable cultural tourism brand and Chinese famous cultural tourism industry group” two key strategic objectives, developing into a leading domestic and world famous cultural tourism development operations group.

At present, the company consists of Wuxi Lingshan Wonderland cultural tourism Co.Ltd, Wuxi Lingshan scenic spot Management Co. Ltd, Wuxi 了ingshan scenic spot Management Co. Ltd, Ling Shan real estate investment and development Co.Ltd, Wuxi Lingshan cultural dissemination Co.Ltd, Wuxi Lingshan Food Co.Ltd, Wuxi Lingshan incense and crafts products, Co.Ltd, Wuxi Lingshan property management Co.Ltd, Wuxi lingshan vegetarian food Co.Ltd.

Wuxi Lingshan Cultural Tourism Co.,Ltd has passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system, ISO14001-2004 environmental management system, OHSAS18001-2007 occupation health and safety management system.  Through many years of business development, this company has cultivated a large number of construction professionals with strong executive power of tourism development, and has formed an efficient, professional and international management team. The company has received honors such as national Wuyi labor Medal, Chinese outstanding corporate citizen, “Chinese famous trademark” as the first service industry in Jiangsu Province, take-off award honor as the highest integrated award from Wuxi Government integrated.

Developed and operated by Wuxi Lingshan Cultural Tourism Co.,Ltd , Lingshan Wonderland is the youngest AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot in China; it is also Jiangsu province's landmark attractions, scenic spot and hot spot on the gold tourist route in Taihu lake basin and the whole East China.  At present, around Lingshan Wonderland, Lingshan company mainly forms cultural tourism-derived products such as cultural themes and five-star holiday hotel, business hotel, Conference Center, Spa, golf, holiday villa, old town, rural leisure, expand training, forming the Lingshan wonderland scenic area as the core, a radius of 33 square kilometers large cultural resort destinations.

Known as "Lingshan mode", the construction and operation management of cultural, touristy and creative complex has been widely praised by all the community. In recent years, the Corporation has been involved in the development planning and construction management of the complex in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Shandong, Jiangxi, Mongolia, Qinghai and Tibet with broad development prospect.

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